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Hostess 100 calorie Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cakes

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Hostess 100 calorie pack streusel
I’ve been waiting to post about this 100 calorie pack from Hostess because it’s one I’m truly passionate about. And believe me, I’m passionate about snacks. I’ve bought these Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cakes at least three times (watch for coupons; there are a lot of Hostess ones out there right now). They’re moist, they don’t skimp on the cinnamon topping and they’re perfect to grab if you’re on the way out the door to work having skipped breakfast yet again. They’re the perfect complement to morning coffee, and they’ll definitely tide you over until lunchtime. Especially if you eat two packs (just kidding!).

100 calorie Right Bites Cheez-It

Friday, April 18th, 2008

100 calorie Right Bites CheezIt
Keebler’s line of 100 calorie packs goes by the moniker of Right Bites. I love Cheez-Its as much of the next person (Cheese Nips are too sweet; Cheez-Its are nice and salty). I also have a problem shared by much of Cheez-It loving society: Once the box is open, handful after handful comes out. If portion control is an issue for you, these packs will help you stop at one handful. Actually, less than a handful. There aren’t a ton of Cheez-Its in the bag (I meant to count them but was so busy eating I forgot). Still, they’re Cheez-It so you know they’re gonna be good.

Quaker Cinnamon Streusel Mini Delights

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Quaker Cinnamon Streusel
The battle to drive down the calorie count continues, with Quaker’s Mini Delights coming in at a mere 90 calories. Take that, 100 calorie packs. But seriously. These cinnamon streusel “light crispy multigrain cakes” look dry and bland but taste surprisingly good. The crispy base tastes like a sweet rice cake, and there’s frosting drizzled over the top. I have to be honest: I put off trying these because I didn’t think they’d be that great, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’d still take a Hostess 100 calorie pack or Entenmann’s over these any day.

Mrs. Smith’s Heavenly 100 Chocolate Mousse

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Mrs. Smith\'s chocolate mousse
OMG. Or, should I say, OMS, for “Oh Mrs. Smith’s.” There aren’t a lot of 100 calorie frozen desserts on the market. (Those cute little Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs single-serves have upward of 220 calories apiece.) But Mrs. Smith’s, the pie lady, delivers with this 4.5-ounce dessert that comes two to a frozen pack. No, it doesn’t taste like ice cream. More like those ice milk concoctions you can buy in paper cups at the ballpark or from the neighborhood ice cream truck. But, hey, for 100 calories we’ll take it.

Hershey’s Kisses 100 Calories Snacksters

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Hershey 100 calorie Snacksters
One thing’s for sure about Hershey’s 100 Calorie Snacksters: There’s no lack of variety. Each .74-ounce bag contains cereal puffs, Mini Kisses Confetti Cookies, Kissables Chocolate Candies and Mini Kisses Milk Chocolates. Either Hershey was trying to unload leftovers or show off the company’s never-ending fount of ideas to tweak Kisses. If only the flavor matched the creativity. Maybe I’m a snack snob, but to me, these packs were just weird. If you’re not sure what type of chocolate fix you need (puff cereal, candy-coated or sprinkled) they might be a good choice. To me, it would be cheaper, and more satisfying, to get my 100 calories from 4 regular Hershey’s Kisses.