Schwan’s Home Delivery 100 calorie snacks product list

Schwan’s trucks home-deliver a wide variety of frozen food items, including several the company catalog specifically refers to as 100 calories or less. They are sold under Schwan’s LiveSmart line and include:

Dessert for One Chocolate Supreme Frozen Dessert (100 calories)
Dessert for One Strawberry Supreme Frozen Dessert (100 calories)
Push-Ems Chocolate Malt (90 calories)
Push-Ems Orange Sherbet (90 calories)
Push-Ems Rainbow Sherbet (90 calories)
Lite Vanilla Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches (90 calories)
Trim Creations Chocolate Fudge Sticks (50 calories)
Schwan’s Pops (15 calories)
Twin Pops (60 calories)
Bomb Pop, Jr. (45 calories)
Raspberry and Orange Healthy Creations Cream Bars (60 calories)
Schwan’s Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon Pops (50 calories)
Peach Mango Fruit Bars (60 calories)
Blueberry Fruit Bars (50 calories)
Strawberry Fruit Bars (40 calories)
Healthy Creations Vanilla & Fudge Swirl Sundae Cups (90 calories)
Healthy Creations Strawberry Swirl Sundae Cups (70 calories)

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