December 23rd, 2016

A big, fresh, hearty peach is only about 100 calories.

Snackwell’s 100 calorie yogurt pretzels

April 19th, 2015

I’m old enough to remember haunting supermarket shelves for the next shipment of Devil’s Food cookies. Turns out, the Snackwell’s name is still going strong, with an array of sweet treats.

Besides On-the-Go Minis (bags of tiny sandwich cookies), Snackwell’s has 100-calorie packs of fudge- and yogurt-covered pretzels. There are often $1-off coupons available for Snackwell’s multi-packs if you want to give any of their products a try.

100 calorie Jello pudding cups

December 21st, 2009

Jello pudding 100 Calorie Pack

Jello pudding 100 Calorie Pack

Jello (a Nabisco/Kraft brand) has dozens of pudding varieties to offer, from nonfat to fancy mousse flavors. I’ve tried several of the 100 Calorie Packs and they’re just as tasty and one might expect from Jello. Varieties include vanilla/chocolate combo pack, chocolate-vanilla swirl, tapioca and devil’s food. They are all fat-free, but very rich in flavor. If you want to add a little extra treat, put some nonfat whipped cream or Cool Whip on top. The 100-calorie Jello packs often show up at discount stores such as Grocery Outlet, so you can get a real deal on these!

Little Debbie 100 Calorie Marshmallow Treats

September 3rd, 2009

Little Debbie rice bar

Little Debbie rice bar

I think of the 100 Calorie Little Debbie marshmallow treat as the poor man’s Rice Krispie Treat. A little gummy in texture and almost too sweet, the Little Debbie snack lacks the crunch and flavor combination of its higher-end counterpart. However, the treats are affordable (the pack I purchased was under $2) and portable, so I can’t complain — too much. Also, with an elongated bar shape rather than a thick square, these snacks are easier to handle and munch on the go.

100 Calorie Borden Pepper Jack Cheese

July 21st, 2009

100 calorie cheese sticks

100 calorie cheese sticks

While the average individually packaged stick of cheese is normally around 100 calories anyway, the Borden company has made calorie-counting even easier and created 100 calorie pepper jack cheese sticks. There are six cheese sticks in a bag, and each weighs in at one ounce. I have to admit, I had these cheese sticks in my shopping cart when I noticed the expiration date was a little too close for my liking and put them back. However, they did look tasty, and you can’t go wrong with pepper jack. Borden also makes 100 calorie cheese sticks in sharp cheddar, mild cheddar and Monterey jack.

100 calorie Sierra Mist soda

May 26th, 2009

100 calorie Sierra Mist

100 calorie Sierra Mist

Pretty much any of those cute, short little 8-ounce cans of soda are 100 calories (for the non-diet variety.) But they’re usually as costly as their 12-ounce big brothers. They are convenient, though, and if you find a good sale they’re a great way to measure your soda calorie count. I recently picked up a six-pack of 100 calorie Sierra Mist when my son had a tummy ache (the only time he’s allowed soda.)