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100CalorieSnacks.net is focused on finding, reviewing and listing snacks that are 100 calories or less. This could mean prepackaged snacks, including the popular Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs, Hershey’s Snacksters, Keebler Right Bites, Pop-Secret 100 Calorie Pop and so on, from beef jerky to granola bars to ice cream. We also list many other foods, from fruits and vegetables to crackers and beverages, that are 100 calories or less. We’ll throw some fun recipes and food-combining ideas in there, too. We hope you find this Web site a resource in your quest to control serving size, pack easy lunches for your family, lose weight or achieve any other snack-related goals you may have. Portion control and convenience can often make the difference when it comes to success.

You can reach us by emailing [email protected]

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