Barnum’s animal crackers 120 calories

Barnum\'s animal crackers 100 calorie packThese animal crackers confused me like a carnival trick. Nabisco makes a 100 calorie pack of Barnum’s animal crackers. And yet, here’s what must amount to two or three more creatures (say, a bear, a hippo and a broken giraffe) and they make a whole new package that’s distinctively labeled 120 calories. Far be it from me to get inside the heads of the marketing geniuses at Nabisco. All I know is, their animal crackers are tasty whether it’s a few in a 100 calorie pack, a handful in a 120 calorie pack or the specially formulated chocolate animal crackers 100 calorie packs (not as buttery or flaky), which incidentally are on clearance for $1.70 at my Target right now.

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